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Cidadecol Aborativa is a magazine that focuses solely on the coast. Subscribe to learn more about the interesting culture and history that surrounds us, as well as secret beaches and hidden coves, the greatest waterfront restaurants and hotels, fresh ideas for amazing seaside getaways, and more. It shows you where the property hotspots are, provides coastal interior design inspiration, offers DIY craft ideas, and takes you inside the houses of those who have relocated to the coast. Coast is the perfect guide to our lovely shoreline, with everything from gastronomic trails, foraging courses, and luxurious glamping to breathtaking animal encounters and some of the greatest vistas in the world.


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Make It Better Media Group provides inspirational lifestyle content that links our active, socially aware audience to people and organizations that help people and communities improve their lives.

Through collaborative publishing agreements, expand into many areas around the United States.

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